Why Singapore is 10 years ahead of us?

If you are a travel enthusiast, you have probably visited, or researched about Singapore. For those who haven’t visited Singapore, I’m telling, it is a country that you should pay a visit once in your life time. I guarantee that you will have a quality time there. I’m writing this article in my perspective, if you have any different idea make sure to put a comment.

So approaching straight into the topic, Singapore is a well-developed country. Though the landscape is small, it has grown into a giant economy within a short period of time. as a tourist you will be able to gain a wonderful experience within a variety of entertainment activities. Without further explanation let’s move on to the SEVEN most amazing facts to fall in love with Singapore.


As tourists first thing we need is food. At the moment we land to Singapore, or throughout the period we spend in the country we need to experience the food cultures and different types of food in the country. If you are a foodie, this country is the ideal country for you. Why? Singapore is a mixture of a lot of cultures. Within very short distances you can enter into completely different cultural settings. For example, Singapore has these unique areas called “Little India”, “China town”, “Arab street”, etc. so all these areas have the unique food cultures of different countries than the main Singaporean food itself. Before talking about other food, let’s talk about Singapore food. So when you are travelling there a many Singaporean restaurants that you can visit. They have a variety of dishes such as, Soups, Noodles, Chillie Crab, Hainanese Chicken, Nasi Lemak, Otak-Otak, Bak Tuk The, Kaya Toast with Kopi, Murtabak, Char Kway Teow, Pork Satay, Etc. The words probably can be weird because you don’t understand their language but when it comes it Singaporean food, you can’t get wrong. As you visit there, try to have more authentic dishes than trying other cultural food, so that you can get a unique experience. But there can be some problem. What is it? The local food in Singapore can be a little bit costly. Singapore is a country with a pretty high cost of living. So you will have to spend a little without laws to get a unique experience. It’s totally worth it.

If you are a tourist sticking with the budget, you can get your meals at low cost restaurants. There are many Indian and Chinese restaurants almost in every town that sell food for cheap prices. And they are so good as well. There are $5 shops that you can have few curries with rice, for only $5. Isn’t that awesome?

So talking about Indian food, you can find some quality Indian restaurants at little India area. If you are a fan of Indian food, make sure to try them too. There are paratha, different varieties of roties, pot biriyani, etc. As a tourist I tried a lot of Indian food while I was in little India.


Transportation of Singapore is in another level than many of the countries. Specially it is well developed than most of the Asian countries. If you are a tourist, you can prefer a private van or bus to travel to your destinations if you are with a bigger group. Also you can use public transportation systems such as buses, and trains. If you are travelling alone, you can use taxi cars as well. But the prices of taxi cars can be a little bit higher than other public transportation methods. Talking about the train system in Singapore, it is really admirable. The trains arrive and depart right on time. This is a service that is developed than many of the Asian countries. All the ticketing systems are automatic and self-done. If you are new to the system you can get confused a bit, but the locals are always hospitable and they will show you how to book the train tickets. Once you enter your destination and enter your money, a card is issued from the machine. And that card allows you to enter the station. The railway tracts are in both sides of the station. And the stations have a few stories up and down. The card indicates you to stand in which platform number, and you may go to the platform number as fast as possible. Because in my case, I got the ticket when there was only 3 minutes left for the train to arrive. And I had to run to the platform to catch the train. If you are used to this system you may not get into any trouble travelling through the train in Singapore

The citizens of the Singapore have a next level self-discipline as well. You have to stand beside the two yellow lines in the platform and let the passengers get down from the train first. And then only you get to enter the train. This method is admirable. And the fact that these trains travel underground, gave me more excitement.


Singapore is well known for its quality health care system. There are a few world recognized medical colleges in Singapore as well. Other than that, physicians, nurses, radiographers, medical laboratory technicians, pharmacists, physiotherapists and many other healthcare professionals are hired from around the world in Singapore. Among them Indian professionals got my attention

Anyway, citizens of Singapore have allowances from the government for their medical treatments. If you are a tourist, you do not have to worry, because Singapore is a country with very good medical facilities. The costs will be a bit high. But the service will be at super condition.

If you trap with any trouble in Singapore, you can dial 999 for police and 1777 for ambulance service.


As Singapore is a country that earns a lot of their economical profits from tourism industry, the country has a large amount of entertainment programs. As a tourist you will not be able to visit every entertainment program of them if you visit there for a short time. In my story, my greatest experience was in the Universal studios. It was a next level place which has a lot of fun activities such as roller coasters, music programs, etc. The universal studios have divided into several areas with several themes according to the movies.

It has different areas for Jurrasic world, Egyptian theme, pirates and water world theme, and many more. Once you travel their you will not feel like coming back. The most amazing fact is, you entrance ticket allows you to enter any ride no matter how many times.

Also you can experience wonderful cable car experiences from Sentosa island. You can get the perfect pictures at Merlion park. You can visit the wonderful Gardens by the bay for an extra ordinary lighting experience. Throughout Singapore there are a lot of places that are made for tourism. So no doubt that you will have a wonderful experience there.


The country has a zoo which makes a home to many species of animals as well as birds. The pink color flamingoes, the freely moving elephants make it a beautiful experience to visit. If you are a tourist, make sure you go on the night safari in the zoo. They have a few animal shows in the zoo too which is mind blowing to see the trained wild animals acting on point. But for a fact you will not see any of the animals outside the zoo. Specially in the residential areas, not even a street dog can be seen. But the citizens can have pet animals with the license.

As the cleanest country ever, Singapore focuses a lot on the maintenance of the environment.


The Singapore citizens are very hospitable as well as helpful. In my travel experience, I made wonderful friendship with the hotel staff, where I was logged in. They were very hospitable and friendly. From the taxi driver to restaurant waiter, every one is so friendly and helpful. They care specially about disabled people as well. In every railway station there are separate lifts that you can transport disabled people who can’t go by a convey belt.

But most of the time people are in a rush in the crowded places, so therefore you will have a hard time getting friends from there. As the people are mostly addicted to their mobile phones now a days, the normal people would hardly look at your face and talk. Except that scenario there are a lot of friendly people. If you are lost, you can always get the help from locals. They will help you to get your train tickets, to show you the right way to walk in. As there are a lot of ethnicities living together, you will have a nice experience talking with them.


Singapore is an ideal place for shopping. They have a lot of shopping malls in almost every city. There are a few places that have goods for a really cheap price scale. For example Mustafa mall in little India, is a humongous shopping mall with very cheap prices. You can have an entire bag of Toblerones for only $5.

When it comes to jewelries, Singapore has a very low rate of gold prices. Its an investment if you buy some gold jewelries from there. The shopping centers have almost every single item that you want. Also there are $5 shops in each and every mall that you can have any item for $5. Isn’t it awesome? In my case I bought a whole bunch of items such as kitchen equipment, slippers, highlighters, other stationary items, vehicle vaporizers and many things for $5 each. There are some cosmetic shops that offer you free trials too. You can get the customized cosmetics by some of the shops. I could try a lot of free nail polish trials as well.

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