What is your definition for sex?

What is your definition for sex?

Sexuality is a fundamental need of human beings just like breathing, eating, drinking water, exercising, education and all. It is a magical activity coordinated by our nervous system, hormones and emotions. Sexuality helps to maintain a healthy, fruitful marriage life. Even though you are not married, this can help you overcome mental stress you get from competitive life style. Sexual reproduction is done by many species of animals from smallest insects. Therefore, there is nothing to hide or be shy to speak of.

Sexuality is taught in the schools in some countries. This sex education is necessary for young adolescents to protect them from getting in troubles by going to learn by experience. Sex education has to be given in the ages between 12-16 because this is the age where they get curious about this matter with the hormonal changes in their bodies.

But unlike other fundamental activities, sexuality is not spoken out by many people. This is because it’s a factor that is bound with the culture and emotions. In some countries, sexuality is not even taught at schools and educational institutions.

Due to this reason the younger generations have tended to search the internet and grasp whatever they find on the internet as sexuality. Sometimes most of the new generations have misunderstood sexuality and tended to abuse it with different unemotional ways. This is a risk for humanity, ethics as well as human existence.

Speaking of misuse, sexuality has become a business by now. Due to the fact that it is not spoken openly, people have tended to define it by their own personal preference and fantasy. There are a lot of porn websites by now that release sexual content in the internet. Porn industry is not wrong because it helps many people to find what sexuality is, to learn new areas of sexuality, and also overcome stress and relax their minds by enjoying the content in them. But because a vast area of sexuality present at their fingertips, it has also created some bad aspects on the society as well.

People get to know many extreme sexual activities and they normalize it because they are readily present in the porn sites. Due to tis reason the sexual abuse has risen up. Without a gender specificity, this has affected both boys and girls by now.

Sexuality has no specific definition. It can be defined by any person’s perspective. Some can say, that it is not only a thing between married couples, but also it can happen between any number of people without age limits and relationship limits. It can be between more than 2 people. It can be between the people with higher age gaps. It can be with a person incompatible of your social status.

In this case, the ethical aspect of sexuality comes into the role. Of course it is okay to break the rules if you have emotions on someone not accepted by the frame of the society. But if you have taken sexuality in to a state of business, this can be wrong. Why is it wrong? Because you are just marketing your preference and normalizing it for others.

These extreme sexual relationships can lead people into wrong paths as well. Raping, sexual abuse, and even death can be occurred due to this extremity. And also the uncontrollable transmission of sexually transmitted diseases can be spreaded by these acts. This article will help you to find what truly sexism is, and how can you enjoy it without abusing.

How can you decide to have sex with your partner?

Sex is something bound with emotions. Unless you’re doing a business, it is very personal and emotional. If you are a young couple, dating with each other when can you decide to have sex?

First you have to get a good mutual understanding about your partner. This is very important to young couples. Because not many relationships last long in the young age, think twice before stepping in to sexuality with your partner. If you are a girl, this can affect your whole life.

Imagine you have sex with someone you have dated for a short period of time. this can be dangerous because you might not know whether that person has any STD, whether you are practicing an effective contraception, or even whether the partner is preferring any type of extreme sexism.

For the couples that learn sex for the first time, this is a magical experience you can have. You can get prepared for it by maintain the attraction of your partner and getting into sensational conversations with them. Dress attractive, speak attractive, smell attractive and try be clean and shaved or waxed as much as you can.

If you are not ready for penetration, you can practice minor sexual encounters with your partner at first. This can be pleasurable and even it can help you understand your partner’s personal favorites in the process.

  • First of all, relax your mind, and forget all the worries you had to go through. Mental relaxation is needed for an enjoyable sexual experience. Let everything flow smoothly without rushing. Your rush can stress out your partner.

  • Touch and pat your partners body. This can stimulate the sexual feelings of your partner as well. A small teasing will be more enjoyable in such moments. If you are a girl, touch your boy’s penis and give some sensual hand movements to stimulate his feelings. If you are a boy, you can touch your girl’s breast, or vaginal area to make her horny.

  • You can kiss your partner gently. Kissing does not mean that you have to kiss only lips. There are certain types of kisses that you will find more affectionate and sexy. You can kiss anywhere of your partner which you think he/she would like.

  • You can even lick sometimes. That will build up the chemistry between you and your partner. Licking can seem vulnerable. But in sex it’s not. Licking your boy’s sexual area can give him pleasure and also licking your girl’s sexual areas can arouse her. It improves their self confidence as well because they start to feel accepted and loved without bounds.

  • The postures such as 69 can make it more pleasurable for both of you at the same time. in 69 position, the girl can lie on the boy’s body and give him a delightful blowjob while the boy licks and kisses the girl’s sexual areas. This method is practiced commonly by many couples during the pre-sexual foreplays.

  • The boy can stimulate the girl’s boobs and clitoris. These two areas the most sensual areas of a girl’s body.

  • If you are ready for penetration, you can give it a try. You can use simple contraceptive methods such as using condoms to avoid unplanned pregnancies. Deep penetration is not recommended for the first time. with time, the sexual organs of both partners get used to each other and in such times, deep penetration can be more pleasurable.

How to keep a youthful sexual life for longer period of time?

First thing’s first. Regular exercises are needed to stay healthy, fit and also youthful. Regular exercises can burn the extra fat in your body and maintain the attractive figure. Both boys and girls have to focus on their physical appearance as a priority for sexual libido. Exercises will prepare your body to have sex for a longer period of time without getting exhausted. 

Next thing is the happiness and mental freedom. Keep no stress or worry at this time of your life. Forget all the other problems and stay away from negativity. This relaxation can improve your sexual libido.

Spending some time on erotism is also important in the sexual life. Decorating the room and making it a comfortable place, wearing sexy outfits to grab your partner’s attraction, staying clean and smelling nice, having some smooth background music, dim lights or slight darkness can be more effective in sexuality.

Foreplays before starting are also important. Starting directly by penetration is not advisable. As mentioned above, you can prepare for the penetration by proceeding through kissing, licking, sucking and playing with you partners body. Make sure to act gentle and smooth so that you won’t stress your partner out. Fore playing includes talking too. Whispering or saying sensational things for your partner can arouse their feelings towards you.

Try new things. Sexism is broad and you can learn new positions and new equipment that you can use every day. If you have any interest on finding out new techniques, you can search on them in the internet and learn. Or you can ask them from anybody that has more experiences, who is willing to talk to you about it openly.

Having sex in the same positions can be boring with time. to have a youthful enjoyable sexual life, you can try new things, new places to have sex. Bed is not the only place that you can do it. Well anywhere that has privacy will be okay if it’s comfortable.

Shyness is not allowed. Be more open and sensual with the partner. Leave prejudice aside and fall in a deep chemistry with your partner. Sex will improve your relationship and the deep love towards the partner.

What positions can you try sex?

Well, in sex there are a large number of positions that you can try. This depends on the both partners’ body flexibility. There are a few common postures out of them.

Missionary– In this position, the girl lies down and opens the legs to be penetrated. The man is the one who controls the intensity of penetration. So the woman has to guide him on how far he has to go. Just relax and enjoy this unique moment of intimacy. This position is more comfortable to some women and this is the basic position of sex. They can simply lie back and enjoy the pleasure.

The man can let it flow to a rhythmic dance move to make it more pleasurable. This can give them both an intense sensation of love. Sometimes when the penetration is done, the man can lean on a little bit so that his pubic bone is rubbed on the woman’s clitoris, and the woman would love this grinding sensation.

Face to face– it is very similar to missionary. But more sensual. It allows kissing, touching, breast stimulation which is very sensual for the woman. The man can grab the woman’s head and kiss while penetration and also he can use the hands for breast stimulation.

Spoon– great posture for the first time. it is a little bit difficult than the above positions. Although the woman holds up her back to the man, the pair can have an intense romantic encounter.

The man has the opportunity to stimulate the clitoris which helps to increase the pleasure. Since the bodies adopt, this is not the best posture for deep penetration which can be good for the first time.

Doggy style– the woman is lying her back side up and the man can penetrate from the back. This style is mostly preferred by animals as we have seen and that’s why it’s called as the doggy style. The man can control the depth of penetration by holding the woman by her waist. Or you can just let the woman bend forward by sitting on her knees.

This position will set her vaginal area closer to the penis. This position can be done with different styles. The man can push down the upper part of the woman down and experience a deeper penetration by grinding into her vagina by holding up the buttocks. And also the man can hold the upper part of the woman up as if the woman is sitting on her knees with head up and push her into his body tightly while penetration. In this position the man can hold the girl by his throat. But hey, don’t make her choke.

Sometimes girls wouldn’t like it if the man grabs her from the throat. In such a situation he can caress the woman by her chest. In this position the woman’s legs can be either stuck between the man’s legs or spreaded besides the man’s legs.

Woman in the top– here the man can lay down while letting the woman sit on his penis and get penetrated all by herself. This position can drive the girls super horny. The girl can comfortably do the penetration for herself. But it’s not bad to put some force into it by grabbing her waist and pushing her down while lifting up the man’s hip for a deeper penetration.

In this position, the woman can stay in her sitting position and also lay down on the man’s chest. The man can grab her by the head of back and keep her tight sealed while penetrating her up by force. this position can be more comfortable for the man because he can just lay down and enjoy the intimacy.

Holding up position– in this position the woman is seated on the man’s lap face to face while putting her legs around the man’s waist. The legs can be sometimes lifted up and stuck besides the man’s neck.

But that posture won’t be easy unless the woman is super flexible. If the man is having a smaller penis, this position can be more effective because it goes deeper. But if the man has a bigger penis, watch out, it can hurt the woman.

Scissors– this position is mostly done by lesbian couples. This is done by rubbing the vaginal areas of both girls together in a cross position so that their clitorises rub with each other giving them a deep intimacy.

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