Traveling is most of the peoples’ greatest passion

It is exciting to meet new people, to see cool things, enjoy different cultural places and go for adventures. Yes, it is really needed as change to your day-to-day life. It improves your mental health, and builds up good human relationships. Most importantly, it gives you a bunch of amazing unforgettable memories for life.

But, did you know all these things are just imaginations about travelling. You never know what health issues might occur while travelling and how it can ruin your entire trip. Have you ever felt sick while in a trip? When travelling overseas trips or long tours, you need to be more prepared for it, because you need a good health before everything to enjoy a trip. So here’s an idea about what health issues you might have to face and the remedies for them. First let’s focus on the issues that people face in common.

Well, if you’re travelling a tropical country, there can be insects those bite you, such as mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. Also there are some insects that can spread certain diseases. Specially, some mosquito breeds can carry several pathogens such as Malaria, and dengue viruses. Also you got to be careful about snakes, dog bites, and other animal attacks depending on the place you’re visiting.

Next is, environmental changes such as altitude, humidity, temperature and different weather conditions. Especially if you’re travelling in high mountainous areas, there’s a possibility of you catching hypoxia conditions, due to low atmospheric pressure in those areas.

Also you might feel sick while travelling across time zones. And the other most common problem is food and water borne diseases.

Travelers’ Diarrhea is the commonest among all. And the next issue is allergies. That is something you probably know about yourself. So you can prevent contact with those things or you can be prepared with medicines.

Also there can be instant accidents such as twisting of ankle, cramps, finger cuts and many more. So don’t let these issues be a barrier for your travelling experience. Here are some medical remedies you can be prepared with.

For travelers’ diarrhea there are some antidiarrheal drugs, ex: Diphenoxylate (Lomotil), Leperamide (Imodium). Keep in minds that it is always better to boil or cook before consuming, because prevention is better than cure. And for the opposite issue, constipation, you may need a mild laxative such as Dulcolax. If you got a twisted ankle, or woke up with a period cramp(girls) you may reach for Motrin. And for general mild pains, you can use Tylenol , Panadol or Paracetamol depending on the conditions.

And if you got a scraped ankle or a finger cut, first thing you need to do is wash the wound with clean flowing water, dry it and apply some ointment such as Neosporin. Next is, if you’re prone to allergies, you can carry and antihistamine medicine such as Benadryl or Claritin. But for your information, some antihistamine drugs can make you feel drowsy. And if you’re crossing 5 or more time zones while traveling, your body can be confused what is happening, and you won’t get a proper sleep. For this issue, you can use a sleeping aid such as Melatonin. Melatonin is a supplement of a natural hormone produced in our body. Make sure, you’re getting it half an hour before going to sleep, and that you’re taking the recommended dose.

And because when you are travelling by a plane, a boat, or any mode of transportation, your body is being shaken for a long time. So you might get motion sickness and feel nausea and vomitish.

For this issue, you can take some Bismuth Subsalicylate medicine such as Kaopectate, Pepto-Bismol, or Dramamine. And specially, your body needs a proper hydration while travelling. You must drink enough water.

If you feel lethargic, headache or dry mouth, they are the symptoms of dehydration Also you can observe dark yellow color urine. You can take electrolyte tablets or vitamins if necessary.

For the insect bites, and for a variety of rashes you might face when travelling a tropical country, you may need a Hydrocortisone cream. And you never know what microbial conditions you’re going to face. So for bacterial infections, you can use Ciprofloxacin. And for the infections in the respiratory tract such as cough, bronchitis, and pneumonia, you can reach for some Penicillin, Amoxicillin, or Erythromycin. Fact: Erythromycin is used for penicillin allergic patients, but they don’t have an identical action.

Especially if girls have bad menstrual cramps, you’re not going to have an enjoyable time travelling.

So you may take some over the counter pain relievers such as Ibuprofen(Advil, Motrin) or Naproxen sodium (Aleve) at regular doses starting the day before you expect your period cramps to start. Some prescription nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are also available for you.

And if you are an older citizen with non-communicable diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or risk of heart attacks, don’t make it a barrier for your enjoyment. Br prepare with the medicines before going on the trip. Especially, if you’re at a risk of cardiac arrest, you may not go for adventures, and also keep your Aspirin and Nitroglycerine at alms length.

Please consider that all these medicines are some overall ideas about common health issues while travelling. But it’s always better to consult a doctor if you’re guilty about your health.

Well, there are some countries that have a high standard healthcare system that you don’t need to worry about, such as Switzerland, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, etc. Especially if you’re a low budget traveler, the healthcare cost in India is very low. Also Sri Lanka is a country with free healthcare. Even though you’re a foreigner, they provide treatments without any charge in government hospitals. And also Panama is a country that is highly recommended for medical tourism, as they accept private travel insurance.

There are a lot more countries that you can get a safe medication while any health issue during your trip. It is always better to find out before you go. The healthier you are, the better the experience you get.

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