The story behind Israel?

With the rise of conflicts between Israel and Palestine, most of the international media have paid their attention on what’s going on between the two countries. To be specific this Israel vs Palestine war conflict began with the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. This article is not written to justify any of these parties, but to supply clear information for those who are curious to know it. As writing about a war in a single person’s perspective is not ethical I’m going to write the story behind Israel.

Before stepping into the topic let’s clarify whether Israel and Palestine are two countries or whether Palestine is just a part of Israel. As the territories of these 2 countries are confusing, the Palestine territories have been used for many years to describe the territories occupied by Israel in 1967. Before 1948, the whole land was Palestine. But the land reduced gradually with the consistent wars between the two countries.

In 1980, Israel officially invaded east Jerusalem and proclaimed the whole Jerusalem to be its capital city. By continuing the conflicts to and fro, currently the Palestine territories consist of Gaza strip, and the west bank. Well Israel kept invading and expanding their land with the conflicts.

You may wonder how a country can fight so strong within this much a short period of time. well they might be getting help from some outer developed country to stand so strong. One can say that Israel is wrong because they keep invading Palestine’s land. One can argue that Israel is established by the Jews who lived on the very spot about thousands of years ago and now Arabs have invaded their spot. Either way, one fact is certain. Because of some selfish political needs of an external country, the innocent civil people of both Israel and Palestine are dying without any clue of what’s happening inside

Well this article is not to enhance the idea that one party is right and other party is wrong. This article is for you to get an idea what’s this young but strong country of Israel really is. The word young is referred because it is one of the most recently established countries in the world. The age of the country is still 72. The main ethnicity living in Israel is Jews. Israel is the only non-Muslim country in the entire middle east.

This country has been originated by the gathering of civilians (Jews) around the world. As you imagine, the existence of this small ethnicity was really hard when surrounded by a lot of Muslim countries in the area. Israel had to face a lot of wars and invasions for the past 72 years but still they stand strong as a country against all the conflicts. After 25 years of establishment of the country Israel had to face 3 invasions from the Arabic countries. In every such situation the Arabic armies were much larger than the Israel armies.

After facing all these wars and conflicts successfully, Israel has even won so many world records in the 21st century. To be specific Israel has owned the most number of patents for medical device innovations in the 21st century. And also Israel has won the most number Nobel prize awards for science and technology. Israel has created the second most developed astronomical technology across the world. The list is longer that I will stop by that.

The history of Israel is like a Hollywood action movie. Jews were a minority in the middle east except Muslims. Therefore Jews had no power to stand strong as an ethnicity while they were scattered all around the middle east. For the very reason many cases were reported that the Jews were murdered on the roads by Muslims in different conflict situations arouse in the countries. As a result of this injustice, Jews decided to gather into one place and establish a country by their own.

With this matter the state of Israel was established in 1948. Well the journey was never easy. The very next day they had attacks by 5 armies of 5 very developed Arabic countries at once. In that moment, Jews in the Israel were all the civilians who escaped from Hitler’s brutal punishments. They had no practice of weapons by the time.

considering this tragic incident none of the war specialists around the world expected Israel to survive at least two weeks by the attacks. But the wars extended up to about 9 consecutive months and unexpectedly the Israel army won the wars by almost flattening the 5 Arabic armies. But Israel knew that it was not the end but the attacks will come again and again. Do you think they fled to Europe by escaping the attacks? Of course not.

They upgraded all their armies and weapons and prepared themselves to fight all the upcoming attacks. After 19 years of silence, a huge attack of 4 Arabic armies was shot against Israel. This time the Arabs were well armed and even got the support from all the Muslim countries around the world including Pakistan. What happened to Israel? Actually nothing happened to Israel.

Israel fought successfully with all the 4 armies and won the war by just 6 days. These Jews not only defended their land but also they expanded the land 3 times bigger by invading the neighboring countries as a revenge. The very war story was written in the world history as the 6-day-war. Even the commanders of Israel army became famous all around the world as if they were celebrities. Every newspaper reported the story. The international armies got war advices from the Israel army to fight with the local terrorist groups in the countries.

But within 6 years of the war, again 2 Arabic countries attacked Israel for the grudge of invading their lands. This was referred as the Yom Kippur war. Even though these were only 2 Arabic countries, this attack was not as easy as the previous attacks. This was because the Arabic armies got upgraded their weapons and technology with the help of Russia. And also these two Arabic armies planned the war for a few months before attacking, knowing that Israel was not an easy warrior.

The Arabic armies had the technology of night vision as well. As Israel armies didn’t have that technology, they had to wait for the enemy to come closer to attack. This was just like a blind person fighting with a good sighted person. But the Israel army had a very developed weapon that the Arabic armies didn’t have. And that’s nothing else, but their intelligence or the brains.

The plans that were made for months by the Arabic armies were almost destroyed by the intelligent decisions of Israel armies. This was like asking a weird question after delivering a speech by memorizing for months.

The complicated by intelligent techniques called ground maneuver used by the Israel army generals were appreciated by the war specialists all around the world. For example, the best military strategist in Israel, Arial Sharon was a big support for Israel to win the difficult war situations such as Yom Kippur. Arial Sharon became the leader of the country later on.

After a critical war of almost a month, Israel stood back strong by winning it all. After 40 years of this incident none of the Arabic armies were brave enough to touch this small country. In each and every war around 1000 Arabic army soldiers died for the ratio of 10 soldiers of Israel. One time, 631 Arabic flights were destroyed while only 25 flights from Israel were destroyed. Known for the strong army in Israel, they were invited for the lectures from even America.

Even though these army generals were very talented and intelligent, they didn’t hang a dozens of badges in their uniforms. This simple attire was always a support for them to go to the war front and give the commands. The small attacks by the Arabic countries took place time to time, but the Israel army was strong enough to fight them all successfully. With the expansion of Israel in the Palestine land, the Palestine civil warriors tended to murder one or two Israel civilians. But for the revenge, Israel warriors murdered 10 times bigger amount of people from Palestine. Even they shot bombs to flatten the buildings of Palestine.

By the time, Sadam Huzain from Iraq tried to achieve the nuclear power amongst the opposition of so many world powerful countries. Israel was tactful enough to destroy the nuclear power station that was building miles away from Israel, which was in Iraq. For this attack, Israel had to disguise from all the neighboring countries and reach Iraq through the air.

With the incident of the murdering the Israel Olympic team, Israel tended to murder all the related Arabs for about 20 years by hunting them across the Arab. This mission was also called the Operation Wrath of God. Today, all the civilians from above 19 years old, have to join the army and get the army training.

I know what you are wondering about. Yes, this includes women as well. All of them have to learn a martial art for their self-defense as well. Israel upgraded their communication and protocols up to a level of gathering 250,000 soldiers to service within 72 hours. In the difficult times, the Israel students who were in universities all around the world, tended to come to their motherland and serve the army without even getting asked to come. This was how their unity was built. The soldiers who survived from the war front became leaders of Israel later on. Israel developed their weapons from gun bullets to fighting jets/ Kfirs within this short period of time.

Telling you how much they developed this industry, Israel is now the world’s number one supplier of drones around the world. While the American CIA of 20,000 members watched a list of 100 most wanted people, Israel intelligence (which also called Mossad) watched about 100,000 of most wanted people list across the Arab by only a small number of 2500 members in it. Simple and short, Israel is a whole little war machine by today.

You might be wondering whether these people have nothing other than war and army trainings. Well you are wrong. Israel is not full of thugs as it seems. This young and strong country has won the most number of Nobel prizes for science and technology in the 21st century. They recorded the most number of scientists, technicians around the world. They have 145 out of 10,000 people in these positions while even America has only 85 of them out of 10,000 people. Notice the gap?

Israel has become one of the 8 countries that are capable of launching a satellite to the space. They have the 3rd best institutions of science and technology around the world. They have the highest percentage of scientific paper publications. They are in the 8th place among the world’s longest average lifespan countries. With the consistent wars they had to face, they still reduced the percentage of deaths to the ratio of births within the country. Otherwise how can they have the longest lifespan while even having continuous wars with all of the Arab.

Well maybe this is the level of the development of their science and technology. Talking about the very field, the first ever cellular phone was invented in the Motorola laboratory of Israel. The invention of processors such as Centrio, Pentium 4 of Intel were also happened in Israel. They developed the software such as VOIP used in Skype. Viber application is a 100% Israel invention. The medical inventions such as the capsule cameras that can get the images inside the body was invented by them.

Today, the economy of Israel is higher than the cumulative vale of all the Arabic countries around it. But the surprising fact is there is no mineral oil sources in Israel. Once the leader of Israel, Arial Sharon has said “Arabs may have the oil, but we have the matches”. But, how did Israel do all these things? The answer is simple. Israel is the land of Jews. Jews are the ethnicity that has the highest average IQ value (parameter of intelligence and thinking power) from all the ethnicities of the world. No doubt that they have won about 22% of Nobel prizes while there are only 0.2% Jews across the world.

These Nobel prizes were not even easy ones, they were all related to science and technology. What about Arabs? Well, for the past 105 years, the number of Muslim Nobel prize winners was only 8. But number of Jews who won Nobel prizes was 166. 51% of engineers and doctors in Sweden are Jews while there are only 5% Jews in Sweden. Only 3% of the population of America is Jews. But 27% of Nobel prize holders of America are Jews. Even the world renown scientist Albert Einstein was a Jewish. The world famous psychologist doctor, Sigmon Froyd was also a Jewish.

The world famous cinema director Steven Spielberg is a Jewish. The inventor of Facebook, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was a Jewish. One of the inventors of Google, Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin, was also a Jewish. In addition, the first inventor of surgical needle, first doctor to invent the Polio vaccine, 50% of the world best Chess champions were Jews. Long story short, a Jewish mathematician who was imprisoned in a Nazi prison camp even came up with a new mathematic method.

I guess you have an idea how smart these set of people are. Most of the army commanders of Israel come from these smart generations. Some of them are even PhD holders. This can be the reason for Israel to succeed a lot of difficult attacks.

Unlike most of the Arabic countries, Israel has the freedom for any religion inside the country. They have a next level of hospitality when welcoming foreigners. Also they protect the foreigners in Israel from the war. Before establishing, the ancient catholic religious places were controlled by the Palestine Muslims. But with the establishment of Israel, they released the religious places, and gave the freedom for the religions.

Later Israel armies rescued a lot of Christians and Catholics who lived across Arab from Muslim invasions. Today, a 25% of Muslims in Israel population live in peace. The Muslim ladies in Israel have the freedom than many of the Arabic countries as well. For the very reason some Arabs even joined the Israel armies from their own.

Even though Israel developed so much as a warrior, they made sure to live I peace with the neighboring Arabic countries. They gave back some of the invaded lands for the previous countries and invited the countries for discussions.

By reading the whole scenario you might have a doubt why Israel was established? This is why. The Jews all around the world needed a country of their own. They felt the need of a country of their own into their veins and bones as Hitler murdered 70% of Jews in the Europe. They called all the Jews around the world to “come home”. But the Jews who were scattered around the world were speaking different languages. As a remedy to this they started using the Hebrew language as the native language. Hebrew language was used over 2000 years ago. And it came to life in the middle east. This was a historical event. They spread their intelligence to hunt the Nazis who were known to murder the Jews in the Hitler’s period.

But why did the Jews come to the deserted middle east instead of America? Why was that land of Israel so valuable? Because Israel was the Jews’ ancient sacred land. About 3000 years ago, Jews have existed in the very place. But after the Babylonian attack, they have fled to different areas of the world. Their temples were destroyed. They survived around the world in small groups and then came back to Israel after 1000 years.

But with the second attack of Rome, they fled to different areas as well. The Jews who fled to European countries became into high posts of those countries with their high intelligence. This can be the reason Hitler decided to genocide them before them becoming a threat to him. they have been preys of so many other ethnicities around 3000 years.

But the way they face somany attacks, and their survival was written in their holy bible. “After Jews abandon the land, the land becomes a desert. But when the Jews come back to the land some day and the land will blossom again”

This shows that Jews worked according to their holy bible. After coming back to the land, Jews started growing by building green houses. They became the 2nd country which increased the number of trees in 21st century. This way they succeeded their 4000 years old civilization. Meanwhile some of the Arabic countries fought with each other, Israel survived in peace and developed rapidly. Some Muslims who were injured by the wars went on the Arabic countries, were treated and cured in Israel and sent back to their countries.

Well there’s some other thing in bible that hasn’t come true. That is the amount of land the Jews will own some day. Nobody can predict when they start expanding the land like that.

The only thing is, they can remain for 1000 years to get the right time. But the surprising factor is the population in Israel is still 12- 14 million. Well I don’t know about your opinion. Let me know in the comments.

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