Is Greenland actually green?

Among the countries that we don’t hear often, Greenland is prominent. This is proof that Greenland exists naturally and quietly on its own without external interference. But Greenland is more white than Green. This is because it is a country that faces a long winter and is covered with ice most of the time. The people living in Greenland are also known as Eskimos living in igloo houses made entirely by ice. 

But in reality, Greenland’s Spring and summer can be considered as the most beautiful scenery in the world. This period is shorter than the entire winter. Because the sunshine is short, many travelers don’t choose Greenland as their destination. But Greenland has its own beauty. 

The capital of Greenland is Nuke. And the language spoken in the country is unique. And it is called the Greenlandic language. But except that, Danish is used in some cases. The majority are Christians among the population of 57,700. The population is consistently low because of the difficulty in living. But many of the residents are considered to be external travelers. And these travelers are mostly from Europe. 

The native people are Eskimos. About 15,000 people live in the capital of Nuke. The summer in Greenland is only for 2 months. That is from July to end of the August. Because the country is situated in the Arctic circle, the country receives sunlight for above 20 hours per day. Therefore, the temperature rises up to 10C to 15C in the summer.

The summer in Greenland is an ideal tourist attraction. In the northern part of the Arctic circle, sunshine can be seen during midnight. Depending on the area, this can be up to 5 months per year. In other words, there is no sunset in this period of time. Sounds weird, isn’t it?

In the middle part of Greenland, the sun doesn’t set from the end of May to the end of July. during this period the sun only appears from the side. Therefore, the sun rays always fall slanted on the land. The scenery created by the slanted sun rays on the glaciers and floating ice cubes is mind-blowing. 

The reason behind this is the slight slant in the earth’s axis. Therefore, the areas that get the sun rays this way change with time throughout the year.  In both arctic and antarctic circles, there are times that have sun for all the 24 hours, and also in some times, there’s no sunrise for a long period of time throughout the year.

What are the animals prominent in Greenland?

The polar bears are the prominent animals adapted to this ecosystem. They are adapted to live both on land and in water. Mostly they can be observed in the summer. Polar bears are predators. And they are the largest type of predators found on Greenland. 

As this animal is an icon of Greenland, the government has included an image of a polar bear in the national flag.

Other than polar bears, there are some other mammals such as Bison, Sea lions, and whales in the area of Greenland. In addition, rain deer, wild rabbits, arctic foxes, and wolves can be seen. And also Greenland is home to about 60 species of birds including the white-tailed eagle.  

Nature of Greenland

Greenland is more green in the summer than anybody would assume it will be. The shrubs with mesmerizing colorful flowers and mosses grow everywhere during the spring. There are 5 species of orchids seen in Greenland. Other than shrubs, trees are also grown fast in the spring and summer seasons. 

There are about 500 plant species in Greenland. The national flower of Greenland is purple Niveasic. In the summer Broadleaf fire breed and bluebell flowers are grown almost everywhere. 

When talking about fruits, the berries get the priority. Different species of berries such as blueberry, blackberry, cowberry are some of them. Therefore, these fruits are included in many of the menus of Greenland cuisine. 

The hot water spring located in the unatof islands is about 38C hot. For the travelers, this is a whole new experience to bath steaming water by looking at absolute ice burgs. Other than that there are many hot water springs located around different areas in Greenland. Some of them are 50C -60C hot which is impressive. 

Most of the glaciers are covered with ice and the water is gathered into many rivers located around the country. After the glaciers melt up to a point in which they cannot adhere to the rest of the ice, they separate and float on the water. According to the climatic changes, the ice melts and re-solidify in a never-ending cycle. 

The world’s biggest national park is also situated in Greenland. The natural beauty in this park is a unique experience that can never be taken from anywhere else on the earth. The mountain cliffs covered by ice, the cold chilly wind, and the loans of green grass make it heaven n earth. 

This park is situated in the northeast area of Greenland. But because of the difficulty in reaching, this area is not yet touched by many tourists. 

What is the impact caused by global warming in Greenland?

The result of Global warming is not very friendly for these glaciers. In the summer, most of the glaciers start melting every year. The floating ice burgs in the sea are broken out of glaciers. Some of the ice burgs in the Greenland sea are above 200 feet tall. One-eighth of the sea has floating ice burgs like this. 

These ice burgs are in different shapes. Some of them have holes in the middle where you can ride through it by boat. Due to the water current of the arctic sea, these ice burgs float to and fro. Some ice burgs float for about 4000 km and reach about 40 longitudes near the equator where they melt down completely. 

These ice burgs make Greenland uniquely beautiful. 

What is Aurora in Greenland?

This is another major tourist attraction in Greenland. The Aurora is a luminous green or blue cloud that appears in the night sky above some areas of Greenland. Because aurora clouds are iconic to the north region, they are also called northern lights. 

Aurora lights appear mostly in the spring and summer seasons. This has a science behind it. The color is emitted by a chain of radical reactions occurring in the air in the north pole. 

These aurora lights have a long history of folk tales in Greenland. The Eskimos believed this light was coming from gods and they worshipped it. 

Thanks to the modern science they found what it is. 

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