7 most amazing natural phenomena on earth!


 Here, I’m taking you around the world to see the top 10 most amazing natural phenomena that even science couldn’t explain.

  • Underwater river

This amazing phenomenon is situated in the black sea. It is a current of saline water flowing through the Bosporus strait and along the sea bed of the Black sea.

 It is formed when the freshwater meets the exposed salty groundwater. When the 2 water meet it causes a milky effect called a halocline.


The difference in the density of the two waters cause this separation. The river was found as 60km long, 35m deep, and 1km wide. This river contains features typically found in actual rivers, such as river banks, floodplains, waterfalls, and rapids.

 One major difference of this underwater river is, when rounding a bend, moved in currents spinning in the opposite direction from the rivers on the land.

  • floating mountains

This is called China’s hidden gem; the Hallelujah floating mountains. It is located in Hunan province, nearby the famous Chinese town Fenghuang. This is where the award-winning movie  “Avatar” was filmed.

This area is one of the world’s most stunning mountainous areas where you can see mountain pillars all around. When these mountain pillars are covered with mist, it gives the image that the tops of these mountains are floating. And the waterfalls beginning from these mountains look like they are coming out of nowhere and it’s the most amazing scenery on earth.

 This is China’s first national park that started in 1982. The area is 4810 hectares (11900 acres).

  • sea of stars

This amazing place is situated in Vaadhoo, Maldives. The sea here glows like a starry night sky. This phenomenon naturally occurs in the late summer in the reef of this area.

It is predicted that this is caused by the bioluminescent phytoplankton called “Lingulodinium Polyedrum”. They are a species of single-cell microorganisms that can glow in the dark. Also, they are called “fireflies of the sea”. The chemicals involved in this effect are called luciferins. But it has been experimented that these organisms make harmful toxins to fish and humans.

 The water here is filled with Plankton. So when the water movements occur it causes the glow, creating a magical shimmering effect.

  • Ball lightning

This may be experienced by many of us. But still, it is an unexplained phenomenon that happens in nature. It is an atmospheric electrical phenomenon forming luminescent spherical objects that vary from pea size to several meters in diameter.

Some have observed it as they are created by thunder strikes, it travels along the ground and eventually explodes leaving the odor of Sulphur.


There are several hypotheses around this phenomenon. In summary, they are the Electrically charged solid-core model, Microwave cavity hypothesis, Vaporized silicon hypothesis, soliton hypothesis, Hydrodynamic vortex ring anti-symmetry, Nano battery hypothesis, Buoyant plasma hypothesis, etc.

  • Underwater waterfall

This amazing phenomenon is located just a small distance away from the coast of Mauritius island. This is observed as a fracture on earth created by the movements of plates under the sea. And when the sand is dragged by the water currents and falls into this fracture creating an image of a waterfall under the sea.  


This is estimated approximately 4280m deep. It is safe to even swim and surf on the water which gives you the most adventurous experience ever.

  • Sargasso Sea

This is the only sea on earth that isn’t bounded by land. It is located in the north Atlantic region and it is bounded by four currents of Gulf stream, North Atlantic current, Canary current, and the North Equatorial current.

It differs from the other parts of the Atlantic Ocean by its characteristic brown Sargassum seaweed and often calm blue water. It is approximately 1100km wide and 3200km long.

  • Patomskiy crater

This crater is in the shape of an eagle nest with an egg in the middle of it. This spectacular rock formation is located in the Bodaibo district of the Irkutsk region in western Siberia. It has a diameter of 160m and a height of 40m.

It is still a mystery about the radiation of the soil around this place. Any person would feel some sort of energy around this place, that one heart patient has died when traveling this area. And also it is observed that the plants around here show an abnormal growth rate. It is predicted that it is caused by radiation. There are hypotheses such as a meteorite, volcanic issues but no one has yet found what the exact reason is.

  • Confluence of Rhone and Arve rivers

These 2 rivers have different colors when observed from above. And it is amazing that even after the two water bodies join in the junction of La Jonction, Geneva., they do not mix.

The river on the right side is Arve which begins from the glaciers of Germany.

The river on the left is Rhone, which carries a much high level of silt. Arve looks more brownish while Rhone looks more bluish. These two rivers flow to the sea together creating a spectacular view.

  • Aurora lights

These are wonderful natural phenomena observed in the northern or southern polar regions. They are the result of a disturbance in the magnetosphere caused by the solar wind. Due to this some particles such as electrons and protons precipitate into the upper atmosphere. This phenomenon creates a varying color complexity.

Most auroras occur in a band is known äuroral band which is situated between 3’ to 6’ in latitudes. The lights can be luminous green or red. There are so many folk stories bound around this phenomenon.

  • Bermuda triangle

This is the world’s most mysterious place ever. Also called Devil’s triangle. This is situated bound to Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda regions in the Atlantic Ocean. It is reported that a vast number of disappearing accidents have occurred in this area. There are hypotheses that there’s a difference in gravitational force in this area.

And there are many mysteries hidden underneath it. Because of the high pressure and no penetration of sunlight, you might have never thought that there are organisms. These organisms are adapted to depend on the metals or some other sources around there.

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