Birth control methods

Birth control methods

Why are Birth control methods important?

This is a much-needed documentary for many of you. What is birth control? Birth controlling (contraception) means having protected sexual intercourse without getting pregnant.

Contraception is an important issue if you are planning to have sexual intercourse with your partner without getting pregnant. This is because having a child is not as easy as you see it. Giving birth to a child is a full-time package that you can’t run away from. If you are not ready to conceive with a baby you need to go for birth control methods.

There are several factors that you need to have birth control methods while having sexual intercourse. This depends on your country, ethnicity, family matters, and life plans you have. Some of the common factors affecting birth control are,

  • Family planning
  • Economic problems
  • Law of the country (Ex: China)
  • Unstable relationships
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STD)
  • Drug addiction
  • Legal problems
Family planning

If you are an organized person you probably have an aim in life. Or else having an idea about what age you are planning for a child is very important. This can be due to,


If you are planning to do higher studies in a university you most probably spend 22 or 23 years for studies. Doing a degree is a great achievement. If you do Masters, Ph.D., and post-doctoral studies you have to spend a considerable time of your life focusing on that.

Having a child amidst university time is hard because you’ve got to face a lot of stress during undergraduate programs.

In the case of further studies, family planning becomes a major issue. Sometimes many girls delay their ph.d. Because of pregnancy. In these situations, birth control methods are needed for family planning.


This is mostly affected if the male partner is unemployed. Because when the female partner conceived with a baby, she probably has to get maternity leave. But in some cases the female partner doesn’t work at all.

You can still make a child even if you both are unemployed. But this is a major issue when it comes to child expenses. To, give your child a good life, you need to have any source of income.  The additional expenses may include,

  • Baby delivery hospital cost
  • Baby food and supplements
  • Diapers
  • Baby clothes
  • Toys
  • Vaccinations for the child
  • Other medications for health issues
  • Education of the child

Having a stable place to live is a basic need when you are planning for a child. Because moving from one place to another with children is indeed troublesome. Even though you don’t have a house of your own, you can have a stable place for rent.

The accommodation will be comfortable for you if it’s near a city with a school, a hospital, a kindergarten, grocery shops, etc. And make sure that it is not prone to natural hazards frequently such as floods.

Economic problems

As mentioned above, a stable source of income is needed to raise a child. It is the child’s right to have a good life despite the problems his parents go through.

Even if you are just after high school or if you don’t have economic stability, you have to use birth control methods in daily life. This matter affects the most when there is more than one child in the family. The expenses can double and triple with the number of children. Therefore, if you do not have proper economic stability use more birth control when having sexual intercourse.

This is advised in family planning clinics of some countries.

Law of the country

Some countries have family planning laws. This may sound odd. But, in the countries that have a high population, this law is implemented. In China, they implemented a law to have only one child in the family due to their economic crisis. Therefore the birth control methods were given priority. This law is now expanded for a maximum of 3 children per one family.

Unstable relationships

This is an ethical matter. If you are not married yet, make sure to use birth control methods when having sexual intercourse with your partner. Because it will be difficult to separate when you have a child together, it’s a good idea to use birth control if you are unsure about the relationship.

Even in divorce, the child has to face a big struggle in his life to have separated parents. This can affect the child mentally as well. This can cause a lack of confidence in them, drug addiction, and even depression. Therefore birth control is important in this matter.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD)

This is a wide topic. But to be precise, these are the diseases you can get from unsafe sexual relationships. Some common STDs are

  •  HIV Aids
  • Syphilis
  • Gonorrhea
  • Herpes
  • HPV
  • Chlamydia
  • Trichomoniasis

To avoid getting sexually transmitted it is highly recommended to use a condom while having sexual intercourse. Other birth control methods won’t be effective as much. However, if you keep the body fluids away from other person’s genital tracts, the transmission of STD can be avoided.

And also birth control is important in the case that STD can be transmitted from mother to child through the placenta. There are many cases in the USA where the child is infected by HIV Aids already at his birth. This is a huge problem for their future health.

Briefly, if you have an unsafe sexual relationship, make sure to use a condom.

Drug addiction

This topic seems less related to birth control. But no it is not. Drug addiction is a serious issue when it comes to pregnancy. First thing is that you have to be conscious with whom you are sexually active.

 If you are on drugs and have sexual intercourse with random people this can be very serious if you get pregnant. Not only you but also your child will have to go through difficulties.

The other problem is your baby can be drug-addicted too. When you have high drug concentration in your blood throughout your pregnancy, that drugs pass through the placenta and go into your baby’s blood. This is very serious.

, In the USA there are many cases that the babies are born with drug addiction. Their normal body functions won’t happen without drugs. This issue is needed to be treated for a long time. And in the end, it is not 100% surely cured. Therefore, especially if you are a woman, make sure to avoid drugs during pregnancy. Or else use birth control methods to avoid getting pregnant.

What are the birth control methods?

There are many birth control methods today. These can be categorized for men and women separately. These can be either temporary or permanent.

Birth control methods for women

There are several temporary birth control methods for women. Most probably these are hormonal methods and not 100% reliable. They are,

  • Birth control pills- these are hormonal pills that cause hormonal changes in your body that lead to contraception. There is a mini pill containing progestin. The combination pill contains both estrogen and progestin. The pills should be taken before sexual intercourse.
  • Spermicides- these chemicals can destroy the sperms inside the female genital tract. The cream, gel, or foam can be inserted inside the vagina by using a syringe. This method is 70% guaranteed. Ex: Plexxi birth control gel
  • Female condom- this is not common. But it is effective. Just as the male condom this functions by blocking the sperm from entering the upper genital tract. It is made of thin plastic and can be a bit uncomfortable. It protects from STD.
  • Vaginal ring- This is a thin plastic ring that can release the hormones needed for birth control just as pills. Ex: Annovera, NuvaRing
  • Diaphragm- this is a rubber dome that can be placed at the cervix. Just like female condoms this functions by blocking the sperms from entering. This is placed by a doctor in gynecology clinics. This should be removed in menstruation.
  • Cervical cap- this is also a thin rubber dome that can be placed over the cervix. It is also impregnated with spermicides to enhance the action. This is not recommended to use for 2 days. These are also inserted by a doctor in the gynecology clinics.
  • Contraceptive sponge- The sponge is impregnated with spermicides as well. Just as the diaphragm is placed over the cervix. It can be inserted easily by yourself.  But it should not be used during menstruation.
  • Contraceptive transdermal patch- These patches contain the hormones that can cause birth control just as pills. The medications are absorbed through the skin to the blood. This has a risk of skin irritations. When the patch is removed you can become fertile again. Ex: Ortha Evra, Twirla, Xulane
  • Contraceptive shots- these are injected directly into the blood. It is also called Depo Provera. This lasts longer than other birth control methods (approximately 3 months)
  • Vaginal ring- this is a thin plastic ring that can be placed inside the vagina. It releases hormones just like the birth control pills. This can cause vaginal irritations. But it is effective for about one week.
  • Birth control subdermal implants- These are inserted into the dermal layer. This needs to be placed by a doctor.  It releases the hormones needed for birth control. This is effective ad reversible. There can be some side effects caused by hormonal imbalances.
  • IUD- this is in other words an intrauterine device. The copper IUDs are used in common. The inflammation caused by this device inside the uterus can prevent the implantation of the embryo in the uterine wall. This is long-lasting.

Permanent birth control methods for women are,

  • Tubectomy- in this surgery, the fallopian tubes are tied up and the transportation of the ovary into the uterus is blocked. This is 100% effective.
Birth control methods for males

Just as females, ales do have many birth control methods. Some of them are temporary while some are permanent.

The temporary methods of male contraception are,

  • Male condom- This is the most common birth control method used in general. This is 100% effective in contraception. And also it can prevent STD.
  • Preventing ejaculation inside the vagina- this is a physical method of birth control that is very easy. When the ejaculate is about to come the male partner should withdraw the penis from the vagina. This method doesn’t need any device.

When it comes to permanent birth control methods for men vasectomy is ideal.

  • Vasectomy- this is a permanent birth control method for males. In this case, the vas deferens is surgically cut and tied so that it can not release sperms. This is 100% effective and permanent. Because the sperms do not release in the semen, fertilization is prevented.

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