What happened to Afghanistan?


Would you ever cling on outside of an airplane knowing that you definitely die if you fall from it? Well, you will. When you get a panic attack and your adrenaline levels rise, you do anything that you believe will help you survive. This is the very experience Afghanistan citizens had in Kabul airport, Afghanistan …

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Birth control methods

Birth control methods

Why are Birth control methods important? This is a much-needed documentary for many of you. What is birth control? Birth controlling (contraception) means having protected sexual intercourse without getting pregnant. Contraception is an important issue if you are planning to have sexual intercourse with your partner without getting pregnant. This is because having a child …

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The story behind Israel?

With the rise of conflicts between Israel and Palestine, most of the international media have paid their attention on what’s going on between the two countries. To be specific this Israel vs Palestine war conflict began with the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. This article is not written to justify any of …

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Is Greenland actually green?

Among the countries that we don’t hear often, Greenland is prominent. This is proof that Greenland exists naturally and quietly on its own without external interference. But Greenland is more white than Green. This is because it is a country that faces a long winter and is covered with ice most of the time. The …

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Contraindications during pregnancy?

What are “Contraindications” ? Why is any drug considered as a contraindication? There are people in different physiological conditions such as pediatrics, geriatrics, pregnant and lactating women, and people suffering from various disease conditions. Because their pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics characteristics are altered from typical people their body reactions for certain drugs can be vary. If …

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What is bitcoin?

We use money for our day to day transactions. Every country has its own currencies which are managed by their central banks. When the printing and supply of the money notes is increase by the central bank, the unit value of the currency is reduced comparatively. This can be also called as inflation. And also …

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Traveling is most of the peoples’ greatest passion

It is exciting to meet new people, to see cool things, enjoy different cultural places and go for adventures. Yes, it is really needed as change to your day-to-day life. It improves your mental health, and builds up good human relationships. Most importantly, it gives you a bunch of amazing unforgettable memories for life. But, …

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